Resident Services

Our goal at Poplar Forest Apartments in Farmville, Virginia is to create a home, a living space that is comfortable and convenient. As part of our efforts, we provide online services to help you enjoy your Farmville apartment. Please choose from the menu below:

Resident News & Events

Poplar Forest Apartments frequently hosts activities for our Farmville residents at the Poplar Forest Clubhouse and at the Parc Crest Sunshine Clubroom. Events change monthly, so check back often for new events.

The Clubhouse at Poplar Forest Apartments, a Farmville Apartment Coummunity
Farmville Apartments - The Club House at Poplar Forest Apartments

The Poplar Forest Clubhouse

Our Clubhouse is located at
Poplar Forest Apartments at
900 Poplar Forest Road,
Farmville, Virginia 23901.
The Clubhouse houses the
Resident 24 hour fitness
center as well as our
swimming pool.